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With Great Communication and Fast Turnaround Times

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Concrete & Asphalt

Paving Company

With Great Communication and Fast Turnaround Times

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As Texas’ premier Responsive Asphalt & Paving Company, Montana Pavement Group LLC is your go-to expert for professional crack filling services. Here’s why we stand out:

  • Extensive Experience: With years of experience, our team is well-versed in identifying and addressing various types of cracks.
  • Quality Materials: We use top-grade materials to ensure long-lasting, effective crack repairs.
  • Precise Techniques: Our skilled professionals utilize the latest techniques to provide lasting solutions for your pavement cracks.

Understanding the Importance of Crack Filling

Explore the significance of crack filling for your pavement:

  • Preventative Maintenance: Crack filling is a proactive step to prevent small cracks from turning into major pavement issues.
  • Extended Pavement Lifespan: Effective crack filling can significantly extend the lifespan of your pavement, saving you money in the long run.
  • Enhanced Safety: Filling cracks creates a smoother, safer surface, reducing the risk of trip and vehicle hazards.

Our Comprehensive Crack Filling Services

Discover the wide range of crack filling services we offer:

  • Asphalt Crack Repair: We specialize in sealing and repairing asphalt cracks to prevent further damage.
  • Concrete Crack Sealing: Our experts are well-equipped to address cracks in concrete surfaces with precision.
  • Expansion Joint Filling: We fill expansion joints to maintain structural integrity and prevent water infiltration.
  • Flexible Scheduling: With our fast turnaround times, we minimize disruptions to your operations.

The Montana Pavement Group LLC Advantage

When you choose Montana Pavement Group LLC for crack filling, you’re partnering with a responsive asphalt and concrete paving company that values quality, safety, and your time. Our commitment to great communication and swift project completion ensures your satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss your crack filling needs and experience the difference we can make for your pavement.


Why is crack filling important?

Crack filling helps extend the life of pavement by preventing water from entering and weakening the underlying base. It also prevents cracks from expanding and becoming more severe.

What types of cracks can be filled?

Crack filling is suitable for smaller cracks, usually those less than 0.75 inches in width. These can include longitudinal, transverse, and block cracks.

When should I consider crack filling?

Crack filling should be done at the early stages of crack formation to prevent them from becoming larger and more costly to repair. Regular inspections can help identify when crack filling is needed.

Can crack filling prevent all future cracks?

While crack filling helps prevent smaller cracks from expanding, it cannot prevent all future cracks, especially if the underlying pavement experiences movement or deterioration.

Can I overlay or sealcoat over a crack-filled surface?

Yes, you can overlay or sealcoat over a crack-filled surface. Crack filling provides a smoother surface for overlaying and helps protect the pavement during sealcoating.

How often should crack filling be done?

Crack filling frequency depends on factors like climate, traffic, and pavement age. As a general guideline, it’s recommended to inspect and address cracks annually or as needed.

Can crack filling work on concrete surfaces?

Yes, crack filling can be applied to concrete surfaces as well, using appropriate materials designed for concrete crack repair.

Will crack filling eliminate the need for future repairs?

While crack filling is a preventive measure, it won’t eliminate the need for all future repairs. Regular maintenance, including crack filling, sealcoating, and addressing larger issues promptly, is key to prolonging pavement life.

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